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The ship Vanja

B B B and B

Beautiful Boat Bed & Breakfast   

The Forgotten Children's Ship

Stand-Up Ship

Lectures Ship


Network Ship

Concert Ship


Preservation Worthy Ship

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Why help?

Most people love water, culture, food, drink and fun. Vanja can provide all this.

There are Danish children who need a good and loving experience, this can Vanja also deliver.


Do you realize that Denmark has a coastline of almost 5.592 miles?

This is one of the many reasons why we must protect Danish history and preserve Danish wooden ships.


It is important to help and preserve our culture. Vanja will sail around Scandinavia and deliver culture, concerts, stand-up, lectures, theater, networks, etc. (follow our event calendar).


It costs a lot of funds and resources to refurbish and run an "old lady" like Vanja.

Therefore we need all the support we can get, and if we can get your support for Vanja, your first two payments will go to help us to finalize restoring Vanja.

When Vanja is completed, children who live in orphanages, in foster families, children who have a mother or father who drinks too much or takes drugs,  will  be invited out to sail and provided a good, well and loving experience.      Please help us with this. Everyone can spare 0,12 GBP a day


Elderly people with Alzheimer's will also be able to go sailing with Vanja.  

Vanja will be Denmark's first cultural ship, sailing throughout Denmark and holding concerts, stand-up, lectures, theater, and much, much more. Look in our event calendar here on the website.


Our cabins

Da Vanja jo ikke er færdig istandsat, kan man ikke leje en kahyt i nu.

At Vanja we have nine cabins, six of which can be rented for one or more days. All cabins are different in size and design. And all cabins are incredibly nice. Once you have spent the night in one of our cabins and experienced Vanja, you wish you could stay forever.


Our services



Since we also want to do a bit for the environment, bed linen will be changed every third day, if you stay more than one night. Should you, for any reason, wish to change your bed linen sooner, please get hold of one of our crew members.

Wifi / Internet


Unfortunately we do not provide this, as most of our guests have free wifi on their mobile phone.

Swimming pool


Swimming pool, yes we have one. In fact, the world's largest. The sea is a nice place to swim in, however, you cannot swim in the sea if we are in a port. And not after dark.

Your gift


Become ambassador of the ship Vanja. Give your present or contribution. Annually of a minimum of 45 GBP - once a year.



When you rent a cabin at Vanja, it will always be incl. a delicious breakfast plate, coffee / tea and a cold glass of juice.



Dinner is available. Ask for menu card. All supper must, however, be ordered before 2 pm the same day.




What can we do on and around Vanja?


Fishing pole


Rent a fishing rod. Ask our shipping personnel about the price and the possibility of this. "However, there will be some areas where fishing is prohibited."

Sit on our deck


Sit on our deck with a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa, and enjoy the tranquility that comes from looking at the meditating, blue waves.

"Try it, it's great"

Work for your supper


Yes, you can work on the ship for a few hours or three and get free dinner. We can only use one at at time, so be the first to ask us.      "Ask the staff about this."

Once a year,

Fyn Rundt.

The Tall Ships Races.

Rum Regatta in Flensburg.


 Do you want to buy one or more seats for one of these events?       "So please talk to our staff or our captain."            

Take a walk in the town we are located in


Since Vanja is always sailing around to different ports, it is always exciting and nice to take a walk around the city in the area where Vanja is located.

Borrow one of our many table games


Ludo, Chess, Streak, Star of Africa, Backgammon,  Cards, Domino, Dos, Yatzy, Kalaha, Chinaschess, Meyer, Stratego, Battleships, Uno.

" Ask the staff about this."


Guests say


Contact us

Address: Vanja af 1951 - Skibsgade 37 - 9500 Hobro - Denmark /

Ship Phone Tel: +45 53 72 9999

MobilePay Tel: +45 53 72 8888

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